Q: What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA'S)?

Progressive Web Apps are a new mobile technology that creates a user friendly experience like nativeapps, but is accessed on your smartphone’s browser. Where responsive websites came before, PWA's provide fast, reliable and engaging experiences for your users making it easy to use, link and share. 

Q: What are the benefits of PWA's?

There are a lot of benefits, for both customers and your business. For customers, PWA’s are afully engaging mobile experience. Your clients won’t know the difference between a native app or the PWA. For your business, it is a seamless solution which makes it easy for your customers to load, use and share, unlike all the steps you have to do in an app store, PWA’s have instant access. Other benefits like fast loading, , instant updates, instant publishing, getting found online etc. makes this a much more valuable solution for ANY business.

Q: What's the difference between a HTML5 app and a PWA?

PWA’s are the next step in responsive web apps.  PWA’s gives you new features; push notifications, improved speeds, homescreen install support, offline caching, performance improvements and more.

Q: Do you need internet access to use a PWA? 

Progressive Web Apps will work in areas of low connectivity and certain characteristics will becached for accessibility offline. However, similar to native applications, the internet is necessary for dynamic content.

Q: How can users access my PWA? 

There are several ways users can access your PWA. One way is to redirect your business website toyour PWA. We will email you a redirect script, simply ass the script to the header of the front end site’s home page. When users visit your site, they can bookmark it or save it to their home screen. We also provide a QR code that can be used on marketing materials. You can send a link through text or email to spread the word. We will also work with you to help you market your PWA because we want tosee your company succeed.

Q: Will we be able to use the Loyalty feature with PWA's? 

Yes, the loyalty feature is available for PWA. We have both Mobile Stamp Card and Loyalty Point System you can use. We can also create just a Mobile Loyalty Program for your  business. See Our Services for more information.

Q: Why would a client want a PWA instead of an iOS app? 

PWA's are more user friendly, easier to launch and adopt. Progressive Mobile Apps give you the sameexperience as iOS and Android mobile apps without the added friction, download, headache and costs. 

One of the biggest benefits is being able to get found online quicker. With so many apps on theApp Store, apps can be easily get lost, PWA apps can be found via web search engines and once a user clicks, they can use it.  Additionally, PWA's are linkable/shareable, do not take up so much space on your device, improves SEO and do not require App Store updates. 

Q: Where can I learn more about Progressive Web Apps?

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